Scientific Name: Rastrelliger kanagurta

KSA and Company presents the Indian Mackerel, a vital food fish that is commonly found in the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This subspecies of the Mackerel family belongs to the Order Perciformes and is an essential part of South and Southeast Asian cuisines. Its range extends from the Red Sea and East Africa to Indonesia and China.

The Indian Mackerel has a deep body, and its head is usually longer than its body's depth. Its maxilla is covered by the lacrimal bone and extends through the hind margin of its eye. The species has a distinct black spot near the lower margin of its pectoral fin. With an average length of 25 centimetres and a fork length of around 35 centimetres, the Indian Mackerel is a relatively small fish.

This species is found in shallow and coastal waters, where the temperature is at least 17 degrees Celsius. Adult Indian Mackerels inhabit lagoons, coastal bays, and harbours, especially those with abundant plankton. The Indian Mackerel is usually deep-fried with Rava or cooked into a curry form called Bangude puli Munche, which is a popular delicacy in the region.