Scientific Name: Octopus spp

KSA and Company offers premium quality frozen Octopus vulgaris seafood. Octopus vulgaris, also known as the common octopus, is widely distributed in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is an important commercial species for the seafood industry due to its high nutritional value and delicious taste.

Our Octopus vulgaris seafood is carefully selected and frozen to preserve its natural taste, texture, and nutritional value. It is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy and nutritious addition to any meal. It can be prepared in various ways, including grilling, frying, boiling, and sautéing, and is a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

At KSA and Company, we are committed to sustainable fishing practices and responsible sourcing. Our Octopus vulgaris seafood is sourced from trusted suppliers who use sustainable fishing methods to ensure the long-term viability of the species and the marine environment. We also adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality frozen seafood products.

Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or a professional chef, our Octopus vulgaris frozen seafood is a must-try. Experience the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of this delicious and versatile seafood today.