Scientific Name: Lepturacanthus savala

KSA and Company offers the highly sought-after Ribbon Fish, a pelagic fish that derives its name from its slim shape. The Ribbon Fish has a long compressed tape-like body with a short head, and lacks an anal fin while the dorsal fin extends till the tail. Its pectoral fins are small, while the pelvic fins may consist of one ray only. Some young ribbon fishes may have elongated fin rays accompanied by appendages.

The Ribbon Fish possesses all the characteristics of fishes that inhabit the lower depths of water. However, its fins and the membrane that connects them are considered delicate. This highly prized fish species has been found in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Bay of Bengal, at Mauritius, and in the Pacific. In England, the north Atlantic species has been given the name dealfish. Ribbon Fish can grow to a length of 5 to 8 feet, occasionally reaching up to 20 feet in size.